Aug 30

Easiest Way To Get Quotation From Junkie Chute Service

Disposal & Moving

It’s always frustrating for moving and disposal as many do not know how or where to start.

Junkie Chute recommends taking a photo and sending it over to us via Whatsapp at +65 9181 4227. We will quote you shortly and guide you on preparing for the moving and disposal.




For disposing of furniture it is best to get items out of the way, for example, to remove a bed frame from a room. Always remember to clear the pathway to the unit’s door before Junkie Chute’s staff arrives. This is the fastest for Junkie Chute to provide a hassle-free service.


But as a customer orientated company, we understand that sometimes, it is hard to move any blockage away.


Our staff will always help you clear the path and remove the items safely without scratching or damaging your home.


For moving furniture, it is best to have items organized into boxes. If you do not have any boxes, Junkie Chute is here to lend a hand. Just tell us what you require boxes for your moving, we will pass it to you before your actual moving date. We strive to serve as the easiest one-stop solution so that you do not need to go out and get carton boxes for moving.

Always inform our staff if any of the goods are fragile such as dishes. By telling us so, we will ensure that the box will not be stacked in the truck and secure it tightly so it does not move around during transportation.

We provide advice for moving, taking care of furniture on a weekly, stay tuned to learn more.


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